State Liability Coverge

What is the liability coverage for University employees?

The Wisconsin State Self-funded Liability Program provides funding for payment of liability claims brought against state officers, employees and agents, whose negligent acts while acting within the scope of their employment result in bodily injury or property damage to a third party.  This program will provide a legal defense and pay the costs of any judgment against a state employee or agent under specific conditions.

These conditions are: 
• the person who created the liability must be an employee or agent of the University;
• the negligent act or omission which caused the liability must be within the scope of the person’s employment or agency;
• the person seeking coverage must notify his/her employer of the existence of the suit in a timely manner; and
• the person must cooperate with the state in defending the claim.


Are there coverage limits?

The amount of coverage provided is unlimited.  However, the amount that a claimant may recover in damages by a state employee may not exceed $250,000 per claimant, per defendant.

How do I initiate the coverage?

You are covered by the State for liability purposes from the first day of your employment. No action need be taken by you for the coverage to become effective.

What type of liability coverage is provided?

The liability coverage provided by the State is what is often referred to in the insurance industry as “occurrence based.” This means that you are covered by the State for any claims arising out of any acts or omissions during your employment, regardless of when a claim is made. This is true even if the claim is made after your employment with the University ends.